Half Day STI Strategic Leaderships and Management Workshop

STI Strategic leaderships and management is increasingly important in the development and implementation of government policy and programs. It is also an essential core skill for all working either in the public or private sector since it is a prerequisite to establish a culture of STI-based innovation and creativity. To develop a positive future outcomes requires those overseeing or accountable to projects to think strategically and capable of anticipating change.

This half day workshop is designed to offer participants the chance to explore the concept of strategic thinking leaderships and management using different tools that would enable them to think tactically in the face of various possible challenges and constraints. The workshop program will focus on highlighting the STI based attributes of a strategic thinker, strategic thinking tools, and demonstrating the use of strategic thinking in public policy development processes, all illustrated through discussions, exercises, and real-life examples.

Workshop Learning Outcomes:

Learn how to analyse the current strategic position in relation to participants’ responsibility and political climate.

Discover how to develop strategies that will achieve your work place vision.

Demonstrate the ability to work effectively in teams and take on leadership roles.

Demonstrate professional behaviour including the ability to communicate and lead in  ways that are professional, ethical and socially responsible.


Azmi Hassan is currently a GeoStrategist at Perdana Center, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.      

He applied his expertise in Science, Engineering   and  Technology (SET) to augment rigorous analysis with creative and innovative solutions. He subscribed to the notion that a good and sound public policy can be crafted by understanding the scientific and engineering underpinning attached to the issue.

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